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  • Free initial 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns and decide how I might help.  Please give me a call, fill out the contact form or send an email to arrange a time for me to call you.

I recommend all initial appointments take place in your home to allow me to see your child in their own environment where they will feel most at ease.

  • Face to face assessment:

  • A case history and discussion about your concerns.

  • An initial play based screening assessment lasting up to 1 hour, including advice and feedback.

  • A brief summary report outlining assessment findings and therapy plan for direct therapy.

  • Online assessments:

  • An initial phone consultation and a detailed case history. 

  • Video analysis of your child's communication skills.

  • A 45 minute feedback session with parents via Zoom to discuss findings and decide on next steps.

  • Please note:

  • If direct therapy is not required but you would like a written program detailing activities for you / your child's setting to do with your child this can be provided, please see additional services for costs.

  • If your child needs a more thorough report detailing their communication skills to share with other professionals or to support a funding application please see the 'detailed assessment' below.


  • Face to face assessment may take up to 2 hours.

  • A pre-assessment questionnaire to gather vital information about your child.

  • Play based screening and observation / video analysis.

  • Formal assessment using standardised tests (where appropriate)

  • Includes a detailed report and recommendations. 

  • If further assessment / a visit to your child's educational setting is required this will be charged at the 'therapy' rate and will be agreed prior to any arrangements being made.

£60 per 45 minute session in my clinic / teletherapy
£70 per 45 minute session in your home / child's setting.

  • Therapy sessions - Your child will typically receive around 30-40 minutes of direct therapy

  • Plus 5-10 minutes for feedback and activity setting.

  • Demonstration of fun activities to develop your child's communication.

  • Resources for therapy sessions and home practice sent via email.

  • Therapy can be at my clinic, your home, in your child's educational setting or online (prices variable.)

  • To get the most from speech therapy it is expected an adult will be available to join in the sessions and do home practice.

  • The frequency of therapy sessions recommended will depend on your child's needs.  We can work together to find the right level of support for you and your family.

  • Support blocks will be booked and planned with clear aims, which we will review together at the end of the block.


  • For some children, weekly direct speech therapy is not required.  Instead, where appropriate I can offer a review session where I will check your child's progress and provide a written therapy plan and resources which can be shared with your child's educational setting. 

  • The face to face session will last approximately 45 minutes. 

  • The frequency of review sessions will depend on your child's needs.  We can work together to find the right level of support for you and your family.


The following will be charged at the rate of £80 per hour and calculated in 15 minute increments.  The time and cost will be agreed with you prior to me completing the work.

  • Programmes - with advice and strategies to develop your child's communication (typically 1.5 hours - £120.) 

  • Fully prepared resources if you would rather not have them emailed.

  • Report writing- Detailed report containing information regarding your child's current communication, areas to develop and recommendations. (typically 2 1/2 hours - £200)

  • Nursery / school visits -to continue assessment or provide advice, and modelling of therapy to staff working with your child.

  • Attendance at meetings - where appropriate to meet your child's needs.

  • Liaison with other professionals / setting including telephone calls.

Hanen Group Therapy Courses:

  • As a 'Hanen' trained therapist I can offer several of the Hanen courses for parents and Early Years Practitioners.  These group sessions offer a cost effective way of receiving a high level of speech and language therapy support. If a Hanen course is appropriate for you and your child these will be offered as an option for your consideration.  To find out more about Hanen and the courses on offer please see the 'Hanen' section of the website.​


  • Initial assessment: consisting of an initial phone consultation, a detailed case history, video analysis of your child's communication skills and feedback session with parents.  For older children direct assessment may also be possible on line.

  • A range of direct therapy is possible for children who are able to attend to the sessions online, support for stammering works particularly well online, both the Lidcombe programme and Palin PCI, as well as support packages for older children and teens, can be offered this way.

  • For younger children I am pleased to be able to offer the Hanen programmes 'it takes two to talk' (for children with language delay / disorders) and 'more than words' (for children with social communication difficulties) via teletherapy.  These sessions do not directly involve your child so you don't have to worry if they are not a 'facetime fan.'  These sessions can be offered in the evening if preferable, to allow both parents to join in /enable you to focus without your child needing you.

  • Prices for teletherapy are the same as face to face appointments: £125 for an initial assessment and £60 per 45 minute therapy session.


  • No charge for journeys within 5 miles of my base (Chipping Sodbury)

  • For journeys over a 10 mile round trip, a charge of £2.50p per additional mile will be added to the cost of the session to cover travel time and expenses.

  • Journeys will be planned using 'aa route planner' from BS37 6HG and mileage costs agreed before the session.


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