Language groups

As a mum I know that sometimes we need a little reassurance that our child is doing okay and that we are supporting them as best we can.  Sometimes children can appear to be a little late using or joining their words or their speech may seem less clear than their friends. If this sounds like you then one of our groups may be just the thing.  With a maximum of 5 children in each group there will be the opportunity for me to get to know your child and offer specific advice where needed.  Please note these groups are not intended to replace more specific Speech Therapy your child may need but can provide a useful foundation for future input if required.


Encouraging those first words

In this small 30 minute group we will enjoy singing, stories and playing together whilst you learn some strategies to encourage your child's communication and first words.  If your child is not yet using words but communicates using pointing, looking, giggling and crying then this is the group for you.

Curious Girl


Joining words

Chatter Matters is for children who have a few single words but you want to encourage them to say more, join words together and reduce frustration.  This 30 minute group will help support you to support your child through this magical time of language development.

Playing with Animals


Supporting speech and early literacy skills.

In this 30 minute group we will focus on activities which help to develop pre-literacy skills which are vital for successful reading and writing later on in life.  These activities help with general speech sound awareness and maybe appropriate for children with delayed speech prior to starting more specific speech therapy activities.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony

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